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gotta rise and be strong...

...gotta be tough, but not lose the person i am...

In the Blue
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Welcome to Second Earth, a Blue Gender fan community. Anything and everything BluGen is allowed!

Rules :

- If you're posting spoilers/rumors, please put them behind a cut, appropriately labeled as a spoiler.

- There will be no harassing of others in this community. Take it somewhere else, this is not one of the drama communities. There's plenty of places where you can act like an idiot, but this is not one of them.

- If something does happen, the first thing you need to do is contact the maintainers. Do NOT take matters into your own hands, that will only lead to drama.

- Do not redistribute anything and claim it as your own if it isn't. If you find someone stealing or not crediting, please contact me, and the person doing so, but I will not tolerate bitch-all posts.

- Try to keep all posts BluGen related. The occasional OT post is fun, but this is a place for other BluGen fans to discuss the show.


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